Manta Rays are one of the most wanted creatures to be spotted among divers. It’s truly one of the most memorable feelings when you get to swim with these “space ship” like animals. These 5-meter wide creatures are often so curious that they come extremely close. They are totally harmless and very friendly but remember: We only look, don’t touch!

It’s hard to promise where to see them and when. Of course you can see them occasionally just passing by any dive site but they also often hang around in the same areas from one year to another.

This year they seem to be following the same routines. Koh Bon, accessible from Khao Lak daytrips and liveaboards is one of the most certain sites to spot Manta Rays and they have been there again in January.

Same thing with another awesome dive site, Raya Noi, accessible from Phuket by daytrips. January Manta-action has been happening and let’s hope they stay for February as well!

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