SINGLE DIVES (From Raya Yai)

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Single scuba dives from Raya Yai

Raya Yai Island is a very unique "resort diving" -type of base where you can accommodate yourself right next to the dive sites. Opposite to all other destinations, dives at Raya Yai are mostly single dives 2-4 times a day.

Raya Yai beaches offer easy relaxing dives and are perfect for beginners or divers with long break from the water. Boat diving happens all around the island's approximately 15 dive sites and local longtail boats takes us there in 10-20 minutes. East side of the island offers interesting drift dives and few small wrecks to explore.

Trips run through the whole day and it's always best to check the schedule upon arrival to the island. There are early morning dives, late morning dives, after lunch and late afternoon dives. Night dives are possible every evening. Our professional guides will give you a site and safety briefing and look after you in the water. You should reserve apprximately 2 hours for the dive that includes equipment set up, briefings, boat trip to the site and 40-50 minute dive.

Our maximum group size is 6 divers and we recommend early morning or late afternoon dives to avoid crowds. Our guides are certified PADI Divemasters or Instructors and look after the safety of the group as well as point out interesting aquatic life.

All diving at Raya Yai is suitable for 'Novice' level. Beginners dive shallower than 20 meters but more experience divers may go deeper (max. 30 meters on daytrips).

Please read and answer to the diving health requirements. You may send the form to us up front, or fill it on the boat. You may find it here: Diving Health Reguirements>>

Daily schedule Dive site No of dives Depth levels Level
8:00-9:00 Beach Dive 1 0-15m Novice
11:00-13:00 Boat Dive 1 5-25m Novice
13:00-14:00 Beach Dive 1 0-15m Novice
15:30-17:30 Boat Dive 1 5-25m Novice
18:30-20:00 Night Dive 1 0-15m Novice
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