Similan 9 Dive Sites

Find some rays whili scuba diving in Similan

Novice | 5-20m | Mild-Moderate currents

North Point, the northest dive site of the Similans, is a mix of beautiful hard coral and large boulders. You can discover amazing fan corals in canals at deeper parts. For more experienced scuba divers there is a giant boulder which starts all the way from 40 meters to 25 meters, just little bit further up north. Large schools of fish, octopus, rays and often spotted. Sharks are the highlight of this scuba dive. One of the most beautiful dive sites of Similan National Park.

Rock lobsters in Similan islands

Novice | 5-20m | Mild currents

Breakfast Bend is located on the east side of the Island 9, a beautiful wall dive site, which becomes a speedy drift dive if the currents are favorable. Numerous corals in an unbelievable spectrum of colors, which offer a home for turtles, octopus, lobsters and angel fish. Several large schools of fish, fan corals and different kinds of sharks guarantee an interesting dive. The most experienced divers have a chance to visit the Three Trees boulders from the reef. This dive site is also suitable for snorkelers.

Pair of colorful fish in Similan
Beautiful soft colors in Similan islands
Scuba diving with lionfish in Similan islands

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